Contact information

Our present contact information

Our mobile phone in the US
206 334 2931, and you can use SMS-text messages to this phone
(This number will be on hold while we are in Denmark and out sailing)
Our e-mail address
hansen (at the domain of)
This address is deliberately camouflaged in order to spoil spammer's automatic address harvesters. Please add the @-sign instead of the parenthesis.
Contact with Heidi in Newark, New Jersey
Pone: 732 925 4688

Contact with Libby's sister in Wilmington, Delaware
Mary Anne Edwards, phone number302 472 9031
While we are sailing, Mary Anne and Heidi can usually get hold of us within a couple of days.
Contact us during our stays in Denmark
Phone (45) 49 29 95 33 - mobile (45) 20 68 4450
Contact otherwise in Denmark
Carsten's phone number (45) 26 18 17 33. He can usually get hold of us very fast.
Please read -- About our e-mail

When away we will among others depend on our computer for navigation (life) and communication (life quality), and as we are by no means computer wizards and may not be close to where we can find help in case of problems, we intend to do anything we can to protect our computer, hereunder fighting virus and other digital vermin.

We may have to access our mail server from remote, slow, and expensive access points (including radio) where many or very large files can clog the system - especially since we may not be able to empty our mail box regularly. Therefore we want to cut down on spam as well as unnecessary large files as much as possible.

So, please, observe a few requests we have in terms of our address and correspondence:

Please keep our e-mail address confidential. Do not uncritically give it to others, link to it, or add it to web sites or e-mail lists.

Please limit your mails to relevant person to person messages. We would prefer it if you would avoid mass forwarding of non personal/relevant messages as well as unsolicited business related correspondence. As a matter of habit, we do not open mass forwardings.

Please limit the size of your message where possible. On the "" address we can receive long text messages. Even reasonably sized text attachments are okay. Also pictures are normally acceptable if they are reduced in size to compact computer transfer level - that is just around 80 pixels per inch. If you send larger files - , please clear it with us beforehand. We may then want to reroute them to another e-mail account.

And the last and most important rule is: Please write to us. Keeping in contact with you all while we are away is very important to us.

Finally, do not expect that we have gotten your mail right away. There may be shorter or longer periods when we will not be able to check mail.