October, 2004
We bought our present boat, Amulet II, in Seattle and spent the next couple of years giving it a thorough refit for blue water cruising - interspersed with trips to Delaware, Denmark, Canada, and Costa Rica.
July 7, 2006
After Jorgen being prohibited from leaving the US during a green card application, we finally got a travel permit - and much delayed we are finally on our way north - with Carsten and Carolina aboard.
27 November, 2006
After a wonderful summer sailing in the Inside Passage of Canada and Southeast Alaska we are again back in winter quarters in Seattle.
Alaska was very special for us. Great natural beauty, empty and wild, lots of very friendly fishermen,  an abundance of animal life, and enormous tides which make the whole coast breathe in and out twice a day and give rise to substantial currents. We have seen close to 50 bears, over a hundred humpback whales, killer whales, wolves, sea otters, seals, sea lions, etc.
7 May, 2007
This is our last night in Seattle. It has been a wonderful couple of years we have been here, and we are sad to leave, but at dawn in a few hours we intend to ride the tide out of Puget sound bound for Alaska again.
January, 2008

We spent a magic summer cruising Alaska's mainland coasts from Prince William Sound to Kodiak Island and the Alaskan Peninsula. After two seasons up there we are convinced that there can be no grander cruising area anywhere in the world. We cruised through ice up under many glaciers, some with almost 300 foot ice faces, we got out to meet the Kodiak bears - the largest canivores in the world, and we had whales cavorting around us daily. Left Alaska in late August and arrived in San Francisco late September. We are moored in a marina in Alameda close to Oakland and plan to spend the year exploring this area as well as going to Denmark for the summer months.

9 June, 2008

We have spent the winter (winter??) in Alameda. Have had many visitors and toured the back country all the way in to Utah and Colorado. And - of course - worked on the boat. Will spend the summer in Denmark - until 9 September.